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How to Heal a Diabetic Foot Ulcer or Gangrene Toe Fast!

*Do you have High Blood Pressure, Poor Eye Vison, Poor Blood Circulation in your hands, feet and toes?

*Do you have a Diabetic Foot ulcer or open wound's that just won't Heal? 

*Do you know anyone facing another, or future toe amputation?

Excellent Results for narrow and restricted blood vessels, damaged Blood vessles due to Diabetes, High blood Pressure. Blood flow is Crucial!

Why you Should Purchase the Himalayan Wild Ransom

Herb growers and farmer's are a slowly dying business, with Natural disaster's, Global warming and Growing human population,  scarce water source, poor soil potency, makes it harder and harder to provide quality, potent herbs that will give you a great result nature Intended.

Himalayan Wild Ransom grows at the top of the Himalayan mountains, starting from Nepal through Afghanistan and into India. Due to the constant snow and water source, with humid temperature, the soil is one of the best soils in the world, and highly sought after because of the nutrients and minerals in the soil. Many herbs Today are grown in poor soil quality or artificial warehouses, dirty, and contaminated water, poor air quality with no herbal efficacy or benefits.

The Rare & Highly Prized Himalayan Wild Ransom is harvested Every 2-3 years.

Get yours while supplies Last, give it to your friends or family, who just can't get well, the are always sick, people with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, people who have taken so many harsh chemical medication over the years, and still are sick!


Thank you for being one of my heroes in life!!! The Neuropathy was

so bad I could not stand for more than 5 minutes and would feel electrical shocks in both my feet everyday. After taking the Himalayan Wild Ransom and Senchi River I now walk 10 times better, feel better and no longer worry about pain associated with Neuropathyyou are God's gift.

Thanks Thanks Thanks

Victoria Jones Waukegan Illinois 11-14-2019

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Thank God for my wife finding you, I was ready to give up and accept the toe Amputation. I can say I truly lost all hope. After so many negative doctors here in Texas just wanted to amputate. I already saw my father, cousins and family member's get chopped up limb by limb, fingers, Toes, up to the knee. The Himalayan Wild Ransom and the Zoretol spray for sores and wounds, saved my foot. My toe has completely closed and I still have my toe and foot. Thank you

Just to be Able to walk again without pain!

Hi Antonio, these are my Before and After photo's I promised after taking the Himalayan Wild Ransom and Zoretol spray for 1 month. I was facing a Toe Amputation as you can see, my wife asked me to get a second opinion, Because all the Doctor wanted to do was amputate my foot. After we found the products, let me just say, it was a joy to be able to finally walk in the mall with my wife and children after all these years of not being able to walk due to the foot and toe sore pain, we feel so blessed and thankful. Thank you for talking to us!!

My the Lord Continue to bless you. I have told all my Latino friends in Mexico, Texas and Florida.

S. Monge 7-12-2020 Pennsylvania PA 

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shipping takes 3-4 business days. International air 4-5 business days. Shipping method: United States Post Office.

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Healthy Habits Herbs Products


 OUT OF STOCK Combo Pack:

 Our #1 Seller

People purchase this kit more than any other. You get all the products at a discount. 8 oz. Zoretol Bacteria Fighter, 8 oz. Limb Savers Circulation Oil, 2.5 oz. Himalayan Wild Ransom, 4 oz. Senchi River Circulation Restorative, and the 8 oz. Eye Fitness Plus. This kit is a complete treatment kit. Covers foot ulcers, open wounds, blood flow, and circulation; lowers blood sugar levels; helps digestion, high blood pressure, kidney disorders; eye antioxidants and nutrients to help protect the eyes; excellent for low energy.

“I bought the combo pack for my mother, all she talks about is how good she feels, all her foot sores have healed, she says her vision is better, and little to no pain in her feet.”

—George Hessel,

 Duisburg Germany 11-2-2017

Combo Pack: Our #1 Seller


Pre-Diabetic/Dry Gangrene/Poor Blood Flow and Circulation/Feet Turning Black/Prevention Kit/No Open Sores or Ulcers

Good for people with a pre-gangrene condition. Poor circulation in hands, legs, or feet. Feet turning black, sciatica, back pain, shoulder pains; a good way to prevent open wounds, blisters, and sores. If you have diabetes or just poor circulation, get started on this. Great price!

“The kit A helped me so much, I took the Himalayan wild ransom 3 times a day, I applied the limb savers circulation oil, 2 times a day, I felt better in a few days. I could actually feel my blood flow and circulation increase. My Doctor was so impressed he asked me for the website.”

—Mohammad Putri Indonesia 6-23-2017

Kit A: Pre-Diabetic/Dry Gangrene/Poor Blood Flow and Circulation/Feet Turning Black/Prevention Kit/No Open Sores or Ulcers

OUT OF STOCK   Kit B: Diabetes Sores/Foot Ulcers/Leg Ulcers/Wet Gangrene/Blisters/Slow-Healing Wounds

Good for open wounds, sores, blisters, people suffering from diabetic foot, toe, foul smelly sores or leg ulcers. The first step in closing hard-to-heal sores and wounds. A very good wound cleaner, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti fugal.People facing a future foot amputation. Lowers Blood sugar levels, opens narrow and restricted blood vessels.


Kit B: Diabetes Sores/Foot Ulcers/Leg Ulcers/Wet Gangrene/Blisters/Slow-Healing Wounds

Out of Stock: Truvaso for Cigarette Smokers

Supercharge circulation booster and artery cleanser for cigarette smokers.

Helps reduce inflammation caused by cigarette smoking, promotes circulation in hands, feet, and toes. Excellent for Buerger's disease, vasculitis, peripheral vascular disease, fingers turning black, and gangrene associated with cigarette smoking. 7 oz.

Out of Stock: Truvaso for Cigarette Smokers

Out of Stock: Truvaso for Cigarette Smokers

Buy 3, get 1 free! Save $149.00.

Share this with your friends, family, and someone you love. All-natural way to treat Buerger's disease, peripheral vascular disorder, poor circulation associated with cigarette smoking, vasculitis, wounds and sores associated with cigarette smoking. We are not judging you on whether you should quit smoking or not, but Truvaso will allow you to address any poor circulation, leg inflammation while you are smoking. If you don't maintain good blood flow or reduce inflammation, you will face a future hand, leg, or foot amputation. Be smart and buy this.

Out of Stock: Truvaso for Cigarette Smokers

Eye Fitness Plus

Buy 16 oz. Excellent for your eyes, one of the best things you can ever do for your eyes. A true eye nutrient. All-natural ingredients. High success rate.

Eye nutrients you take orally

*There is no better natural eye nutrient product on the market today than Eye Fitness. Don't Play with your eyes. 

Eye Fitness Plus

Eye Fitness Plus

Eye Fitness Plus

Eye Fitness Plus

1-year supply you!

Don't play with your eyes; get this 1 gallon and give your eyes the nutrients they need to keep seeing the world; don't go blind or get a costly eye surgery; do it the natural way. Save $100.00

Eye Fitness Plus

Senchi River Circulation Restorative

Excellent for increasing blood flow and circulation to your fingers, toes, and legs. A must for any diabetic foot ulcers, gangrene toes, damaged or restricted blood vessels. Improves energy and digestion; easy and simple to use.

Senchi River Circulation Restorative

Senchi River Circulation Restorative

Buy 2 at a discount. 

Senchi River Circulation Restorative

Senchi River Circulatory Restorative

1 year supply

You save $513.00 1. 

Senchi River Circulation Restorative

Super Alpha Prostate Health

If you have a father, brother, uncle, or son, get this herb for them. Very fast results!

A prostate tonic used for all disorders of the prostate, including prostatitis (infection of the prostate), BPH (enlargement of the prostate), and prostate cancer. It is also used for men suffering from bladder infections because it has a cleansing and antimicrobial action on the urinary system. Dramatically reducing the swelling of the prostate, increasing sexual stamina and erections in men. This herb has saved so many lives and will make men sexual strong. Truly works! 

Super Alpha Prostate Health

OUT OF STOCK  Finally Arrived! Himalayan Wild Ransom Powder 3.5 Oz.

The Himalayan Wild Ransom powder is by far the most potent form, with faster results and better savings. You get 3.5 oz. that will be a 1-month supply; you get more Himalayan Wild Ransom and faster results. Here are the benefits of the Himalayan Wild Ransom: Himalayan Wild Ransom powder is grounded with a special machine that grinds the powder into the finest powder, which assimilates more efficiently into the blood stream, digestion, and circulation. Faster, better results. It's easy to use; just take 1/4 teaspoon directly into your mouth with warm water, simple as that, or make an herbal tea. Himalayan Wild Ransom Herbal contains a high concentrate of natural nitric oxide. It opens blood vessels so that the blood can flow to dying tissues. Blood carries oxygen. Without oxygen, your feet or legs will begin to die. Blood carries nutrients to feed tissue the needed nutrients it needs to live; without blood flow, tissue (flesh) begins to turn black and decay. This provides a greater chance of developing gangrene. Himalayan Wild Ransom contains amino acids, minerals, germanium, selenium, zinc, and folic acid, all which help give the blood valuable nutrients. Himalayan Wild Ransom lowers blood sugar levels by helping the digestive system break down starches faster, absorbs the amount of leftover sugar in the veins (sugar destroys the blood vessel walls, causing them to break down), making it difficult for blood to circulate. Because of its high vitamin content (vitamin A, B, C), it strengthens the artery walls and allows blood to pass through easier to dying tissue. It is also a powerful antioxidant, which cleans your blood from the inside. This helps to remove puss and infections from open sores. All the healing you need is from your body's own blood. The blood carries all that you need to reverse gangrene. But you must have circulation. Himalayan Wild Ransom Herbal will give it to you! In order to get the results, you need this.

Finally Arrived! Himalayan Wild Ransom Powder 2.5 Oz.

 OUT OF STOCK Himalayan Wild   Ransom 2 Lbs.

This is the smart choice.

1-year supply for you and your family members. Part of your survival kit in case of

earthquakes, floods, or natural disasters you need to be able to care for yourself, your family, and your community. Get serious! Excellent for individuals, families with diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, poor circulation, hard-to-heal wounds, feet turning black, gangrene.

Invest in your health.

Himalayan Wild Ransom 2 Lbs.

Zoretol Bacteria Fighter

Zoretol Bacteria Fighter is sprayed directly on open wounds, blisters, and sores. A good wound cleanser and disinfectant. Helps remove smell and excellent for dry cracked feet. Contains grapeseed oil, Manuka honey, olive oil, sesame oil, Himalayan Wild Ransom, neem oil. Excellent for hard-to-heal wounds, sores, and blisters. Has good antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic properties. Very soothing to open wounds that hurt. Great price! 

Zoretol Bacteria Fighter

Zoretol Bacteria Fighter

Buy 2 at a discount.

Zoretol Bacteria Fighter

Zoretol Bacteria Fighter

1 year supply you

Almost all injuries in a natural disaster, hurricane, tornado, flood, or earthquake cause severe foot and leg wounds, cuts, or blisters. You need to disinfect and get wounds healed fast. This is smart thinking; save $160.00.

Zoretol Bacteria Fighter

 Limb Savers Circulation Oil

Excellent for poor circulation in your hands, feet, and toes. Penetrates deep into the skin to soothe muscle, leg, back, and neck pains. Great for sciatica. 

Limb Savers Circulation Oil

Limb Savers Circulation Oil: Buy Two

Excellent for poor circulation in your hands, feet, and toes. Penetrates deep into the skin 

Limb Savers Circulation Oil: Buy Two

Limb Savers Circulation Oil

1 year supply

You save $160.00 

Limb Savers Circulation Oil

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