Himalayan Wild Ransom

The Himalayan Wild Ransom powder is by far the most potent form, with faster results and better savings. You get 3.5 oz. that will be a 1-month supply; you get more Himalayan Wild Ransom and faster results. Here are the benefits of the Himalayan Wild Ransom: Himalayan Wild Ransom powder is grounded with a special machine that grinds the powder into the finest powder, which assimilates more efficiently into the blood stream, digestion, and circulation. Faster, better results. It’s easy to use; just take 1/4 teaspoon directly into your mouth with warm water, simple as that, or make an herbal tea. Himalayan Wild Ransom Herbal contains a high concentrate of natural nitric oxide. It opens blood vessels so that the blood can flow to dying tissues. Blood carries oxygen. Without oxygen, your feet or legs will begin to die. Blood carries nutrients to feed tissue the needed nutrients it needs to live; without blood flow, tissue (flesh) begins to turn black and decay. This provides a greater chance of developing gangrene. Himalayan Wild Ransom contains amino acids, minerals, germanium, selenium, zinc, and folic acid, all which help give the blood valuable nutrients. Himalayan Wild Ransom lowers blood sugar levels by helping the digestive system break down starches faster, absorbs the amount of leftover sugar in the veins (sugar destroys the blood vessel walls, causing them to break down), making it difficult for blood to circulate. Because of its high vitamin content (vitamin A, B, C), it strengthens the artery walls and allows blood to pass through easier to dying tissue. It is also a powerful antioxidant, which cleans your blood from the inside. This helps to remove puss and infections from open sores. All the healing you need is from your body’s own blood. The blood carries all that you need to reverse gangrene. But you must have circulation. Himalayan Wild Ransom Herbal will give it to you! In order to get the results, you need this.

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11 reviews for Himalayan Wild Ransom

  1. A. Baščarević

    All your products have arrived and I have already start using it. Doctors said I will be blind soon but…

    I started using the Himalayan wild Ransom and zoretol, when we met you 10 years ago when I was facing a foot amputation. today I still walk on both legs So I hope, using the Eye fitness plus for my eyes, that I will look at this wonderful world with both eyes. In this moment I’m in your hands and the hands of the Great Architect. This weekend we will move on our boat and we will sail on Serbia river until I can see. Surgery on my eyes will be in August.”
    A. Baščarević, Serbia, 2-25-2017

  2. Martha Fernandez

    My Fathers Gangrene Toe He Had Already lost His Left Foot

    My father had been battling diabetes for over 30 years. My sister and I tried so many products. We both work hard and have our own families. We have spent so much money trying to help our father. We decided to get The Himalayan Wild Ransom, almost immediately the wound started to change, we could see a noticeable difference. We are from California and a Mexican heritage, so our diet was full of Tacos and starchy foods. Antonio started talking to my dad, and little by little my father started changing his diet. Antonio was amazing and funny since he also loved tacos and Mexican food. It really worked for us!!

    Martha Fernandez , San Diego CA 2014

  3. Sandy Hall

    My Name is Sandy Hall, I had Lupus and Doctors wanted to amputate my fingers, Against my Doctors Advice I used the Himalayan Wild Ransom and Zoretol Bacteria Spray and saved my hands. My Husband and I are forever grateful.

    Sandy Hall, Denver Colorado 2007

  4. Gayle Lee

    One of the Best Products i ever used. I had poor blood circulation in my feet, out of controll diabetes, and high blood pressure. I had toe blisters that just would not close. A friend told me to try it, that was 12 years ago and I still use it everyday. My digestion is good, i dont feel the inflammation in my body like i use too. I just put the powder directly into my mouth, drink some water, thats it. All the other aligments went away, my weight is in check all my friends ask me what im doing, the truth is i just take the Himalayan wild ransom every day.

  5. Ray washington

    One thing it did for me was to help flush out my stomach and digestion problems i have had all my life. My circulation is the best ever.
    Every time i go see my Doctor, he says the blood flow and circulation is very good when he does the circulation test. For christmas last year i purchased 10 bags for friends, and co workers, now they all use it.

  6. Mc kenzie Penn

    When i first found the Himalayan wild ransom i was in the process of losing my leg. A friend Mr Griffith in St Croix was selling the Himalayan wild ransom in the Bahamas and gave me a bag, that was in 2001. It surprised me how the sores and ulcers on my leg started going away. My sugar level came down dramatically, my digestion system started working again. To this date i still have both legs because of this product. 10 years later i was again facing a foot another amputation, when i call the company, they answered the phone, i didnt know if they were still in business, or not. My heart broke when they were completely out of stock of the Himalayan wild ransom. I waited almost 9 months before they harvested, i order 5 bags just incase. Within a few weeks, my blood circulation was back, the zoretol helped with the sores and smell, my weight went down and i could breath better. I have told people about this product in St Jhon, St thomas, Trinadad, Florida. Im really trully thankful that i meet Antonio, you can hear and feel he cares. My wife, friends, almost everyone i know uses the Himalayan wild ransom.

  7. Alan Bricker

    I was scared and feeling forced to get a toe amputation. The Doctor just kept saying if i dont do it, i could lose my entire leg. Antonio said why not take 2-3 weeks, give the product a try, follow your diet, and lets see if the ulcer and sores change, because amputation is permanate Sure enough, the wounds started looking better, the puss started going away. I didnt have to lose my foot, I know it was the himalayan wild ransom and my diet that jump started by blood circulation, and ultimately healed my toes. Everyday i still take 1 spoon just for maintance.

  8. Mary Garcia

    I work on a vegetable farm in california, and had heard from my friend Jose about the Himalayan wild ransom. I decided to buy it for my dad, who already lost the tip of his toes from diabetic gangrene. Every time i called, Antonio would fuss at me for giving my father tacos, and corn everyday, he said it created to much sugar in the body, and that if your sugar level is high, your blood vessels get narrow and smaller. We did our best on our diet, took the Himalayan wild ransom 3 times a day. If you see the before/after pictures of how my fathers wounds healed completely up and the sores closed on both feet. I made a video in spanish for all our friends. Im forever grateful.

  9. Randy M

    When i first used the himalayan wild ransom i was in hospice. I was very depressed, facing a leg amputation from a car accident, and having diabetes. Today i have both my legs, im walking and have found a church family. I contribute my recovery too prayer, the Himalayan wild ransom that gave me blood flow and circulation, therapy and counseling.

  10. Eddy martinez

    Great product! My blood pressure was sky high going through a divorce. At times my blood pressure was so high i had to be admitted to the hospital. Once i started the Himalayan wild ransom my blood vessels were not so narrow and small, i stop feeling dizzy. My pressure went way down. My stomach ulcers went away. I started taking the himalayan wild ransom to mexico and other latin american countries. Antonio and I have been friends since 2002.

  11. Bojan Jelovac

    I have already said very good words about you, your service and unexpected care and generosity towards your new customers. So far only positive and nice words which makes me personally very happy as I bought this products for my very good friend in Serbia. After some days of use he already has good feedback and said that his wound on his finer that was cut looks very quickly better and the doctor and nurse that he is visiting said that the wound looked more clean and recovery is faster than they are expected. Possibly due to your products.

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