Kit B: Diabetes Sores/Foot Ulcers/Leg Ulcers/Wet Gangrene/Blisters/Slow-Healing Wounds

Good for open wounds, sores, blisters, people suffering from diabetic foot, toe, foul smelly sores or leg ulcers. The first step in closing hard-to-heal sores and wounds. A very good wound cleaner, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti fugal.People facing a future foot amputation. Lowers Blood sugar levels, opens narrow and restricted blood vessels.

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7 reviews for Kit B: Diabetes Sores/Foot Ulcers/Leg Ulcers/Wet Gangrene/Blisters/Slow-Healing Wounds

  1. S. Monge

    Hi Antonio, these are my Before and After photos I promised after taking the Himalayan Wild Ransom and Zoretol spray for 1 month. I was facing a Toe Amputation. As you can see, my wife asked me to get a second opinion, Because all the Doctor wanted to do was amputate my foot. After we found the products, let me just say, it was a joy to be able to finally walk in the mall with my wife and children after all these years of not being able to walk due to the foot and toe sore pain, we feel so blessed and thankful. Thank you for talking to us!!

    May the Lord Continue to bless you. I have told all my Latino friends in Mexico, Texas and Florida.

    S. Monge 7-12-2020 Pennsylvania PA

  2. Sharlene

    My Brother who is 35 yrs old, had a Diabetic gangrene on his Private area( Scrotum and testicles) . You recommended Kit B, at the time he was in the hospital so I would use the products every time I visited him. The gangrene that spread also to his legs was stopped. The Zoretol Bacteria fighter stopped it in its tracks. This is his second time using the Kit B, he used it about 2 years ago when the Doctors wanted to amputate his leg from the knee. He got better and went back to eating sugar, so he asked me to order for him again,

    Sharlene Dickson

    Brooklyn New York 9-19-2019

  3. Mrs Tinnon

    I went to the hospital with Covid-19 and came out with my foot completely black. I was so scared, a friend told me about the
    Kit B. The Hospital was pushing me for a foot Amputation, so when you told me to hold off, i was scared and confused. Because of the Kit B, today i still have all my toes. Mr Antonio told me, my toes would start to remove the dead toe nails and skin, the Zoretol spray kept my foot from the infection. As I sit here today I have all my toes. Some of my toe nails is still failing of slowly, but I have all my toes. Again thank you so very much, for taking all my calls, answering all my questions.

  4. Sherman. Woods

    I bought the Kit B, about 3 years ago and it really helped me. I didnt have to lose my foot. I did change my diet, and used the products. I had never been sick, I had been in the military for 25 years with no problem. I didnt know I had diabetes, i never though such a small cut on my toe, would lead to all this. The products got my circulation going, and the Zoretol spray kept the sore from growing. Today I have all my toes and feet. Thanks

  5. Mavis .cook

    I bought the Kit B in St Thomas Virgin islands in 2014, when I was facing a foot amputation. Today i still walk around with both feet. I have told all my friends in St Thomas,
    St Croix, Bahamas. We also really enjoy your Radio Program.

  6. Bali. Singh

    The Kit B is very good for me. When I first met you, I had already lost one leg. Your advice about my diet, the Kit B and my wife help, i still have my other leg today. Wish i knew you before my amputation.
    But im grateful and tell all my friends in Canada and India. It really works

  7. Nathan. Parker

    Took care of my foot wounds, and circulation issues. Glad we found you.

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