Our Owner’s Story

Healthy Habits Herbs was started in 1999 to provide natural alternatives to the treatment of foot ulcer, hard-to-heal wounds, and other diseases that could cause amputations. Learn more about his story below. 

Vera and Antonio Partnered together to help people all over the world get the help they need fighting diabetes related foot ulcers and amputation prevention. We didn’t realize 20 years later, we would be helping people from every corner of the world, it just took off and we never looked back. The real joy is when a customer calls you 15 years later just to thank you, and tell their friend about us.

“The Biggest Fight of My Life: I Was Determined Not to Lose

Since 1999 we at Healthy Habits Herbs have provided herbs and Products that our customers can feel confident about. Our goal has been to help people avoid or survive a Diabetic foot ulcer or gangrene toe and get back to living. Our Herbs and Ingredients are sourced directly from the farmers and growers allowing us to provide premium quality products at competitive prices. Our Travels around the world and mentorship with internationally renowned Herbalist, Doctors and Health Professionals has allowed us to dramatically increase poor blood flow and circulation, Rapid wound healing and amputation prevention. We are proud that we source directly from farmers that grow wild crafted herbs from the best soil and water sources left in the world. We have gone from village to village, country to country to find the best all Natural herbs with the highest efficacy and potency.

Healthy Habits Herbs has partnership with herbal farmers and growers in Africa, Europe, Amazon Rainforest, and is a member of The International Herbal society.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please feel free to contact us via telephone or email and one of our experienced team members will get back to you right away. Your feedback is important to us.