Combo Pack: Our #1 Seller

People purchase this kit more than any other. You get all the products at a discount. 8 oz. Zoretol Bacteria Fighter, 8 oz. Limb Savers Circulation Oil, 3.5 oz. Himalayan Wild Ransom, 4 oz. Senchi River Circulation Restorative, and the 8 oz. Eye Fitness Plus. This kit is a complete treatment kit. Covers foot ulcers, open wounds, blood flow, and circulation; lowers blood sugar levels; helps digestion, high blood pressure, kidney disorders; eye antioxidants and nutrients to help protect the eyes; excellent for low energy.

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2 reviews for Combo Pack: Our #1 Seller

  1. George Hessel,

    “I bought the combo pack for my mother, all she talks about is how good she feels, all her foot sores have healed, she says her vision is better, and little to no pain in her feet.”

    —George Hessel,

  2. Lisa M Smith

    I bought the Combo Pack for my brother in Trinidad in 2019, it helped him get healthy enough to eat and get his weight back. The sores healed up really good, the limb saver circulation oil helped with the Dry gangrene patches. After he took the Himalayan wild ransom powder he felt stronger, he was already taking so many medication. After about 2 days of taking the Products, he was finally able to have a good toilet, he was so constipated and bloated all the time., his eyes were always puffy and his breathe was very bad due to the different medications he was taking. The smell was terrible, you could smell all the medication come out of his body, the swelling went away and now he is back walking. The combo pack along with my brother staying away from fruits and sugar, turned his life around, because foot amputation in Trinidad are very high. It was well worth the money, we buy it 2 times a year for other family members


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