Limb Saver Circulation Oil

Excellent for poor circulation in your hands, feet, and toes. Penetrates deep into the skin to soothe muscle, leg, back, and neck pains. Great for sciatica.

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4 reviews for Limb Saver Circulation Oil

  1. D. Kotik

    I want to thank you all at Healthy Habits Herbs. My husband came to you

    8 years ago with so many health Problems, Diabetes, Kidney problems, High blood pressure, All 3 of his doctors wanted to amputate his foot. My husband didn’t want to lose his foot, so we started buying the Himalayan wild Ransom and the limb savers circulation oil, every time he went back to the Doctor’s they would say it’s getting better. My husband died in April 2019 with both of his feet. That was his dream, My Daughter and I just wanted to say, God bless you so much and thanks for being honest with us, talking to us.

    Tell Antonio We love him the most.

    Sincerely D. Kotik Las Vegas Nevada 2019

  2. Norman.K

    I Already lost my left leg a few months ago, the Doctor says she found calcium deposits and poor blood flow in my leg. The Doctor tried to put in a Stint at the top and bottom of my leg but it could not go. The Doctor said if I came back in 2 weeks, they would have to amputate my leg. I used the limb savers circulation oil with a hot pad every night. I rubbed the Circulation oil on my leg for 20-25 minutes every day. Yesterday, When I went to the Doctor She said I now have a pulse in my leg and my circulation has improved dramatically. I also worked very hard with Antonio on my diet, no sugary foods, cheating with cereal and coffee, no bread or candy. It was hard, but little by little I was able to take responsibility for the Sugary foods that were killing me.

    Norman.K Atlanta GA, 7-24-2019

  3. Jhonella Lynn

    I tried everything to get rid of the shooting pain in my legs. The Limb savers circulation oil, give me relief. I really gets down into my muscles. This is my 5th year buying it, every person i give some too, ends up buying it. Great circulation oil with relief you can count on.

  4. Jhonella Lynn

    I have been buying this circulation oil for my mother, she really likes it. I use it on her knee’s, shoulders and legs. She sleeps much better and walk with less pain. After her warm bath, i rub the oil for her. She sleeps much better now.

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