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4 reviews for ZORETOL 1 GALLON

  1. Halidu.F

    Great product for any sores, ulcers or blisters. My Dad had already lost 2 toes, and the smell was horrible. It made sense to me and my sister to just buy the 1 Gallon. My father ended up giving some to so many of his friends and cousins with wounds and sores. The smell went away immediately, the zoretol really help kill the bacteria, and puss. Glad we found you so many years ago.

  2. Pamela Fontaine

    I first bought the Zoretol back in 2000 when the company first started. My mom had so many wounds, sores and blisters. She had already lost half her foot, things were looking bad again. In a few weeks the wounds stop growing, and started getting smaller and smaller. Everyday i went to the Nursing home to use the Zoretol spray. The wound care nurse was really shocked. Mr Antonio told us not to keep the wounds always bandaged, and that wounds need air to dry out. And it worked so well. The Doctor said what ever you are doing keep doing it. Very grateful

  3. Daniel Debra Assare

    Every time I would go back home to Ghana, I would take the Zoretol Gallon and put them in smaller bottles and pass them out in the village areas A friend of mine father used the zoretol spray to save his foot from Amputation. Children with head lice, ticks, sores, blisters would just line up. It really helped the poor people with terrible sores related to diabetes and could not afford the hospital cost really get the help. Zoretol has helped so much.

  4. Judy Roberts

    My husband and I would say the Zoretol spray is one of the most important items in our home survival kit. It dis infects and kills bacteria, sores, bites , open wounds ect. We have alot of elderly family members and we live far away from the towns, so its our back up we count on.

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