Senchi River Circulation Restorative

Buy 2 at a discount.Excellent for increasing blood flow and circulation to your fingers, toes, and legs. A must for any diabetic foot ulcers, gangrene toes, damaged or restricted blood vessels. Improves energy and digestion; easy and simple to use.

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2 reviews for Senchi River Circulation Restorative

  1. Victoria Jones

    Thank you for being one of my heroes in life!!! The Neuropathy was

    so bad I could not stand for more than 5 minutes and would feel electrical shocks in both my feet everyday. After taking the Himalayan Wild Ransom and Senchi River I now walk 10 times better, feel better and no longer worry about pain associated with Neuropathy, you are God’s gift.

    Thanks Thanks Thanks

    Waukegan Illinois 11-14-2019

  2. Troy

    The Doctor said I was Definitely going to Lose my Toe

    I was desperate to keep my big toe. I already watched my mother get both of her legs amputated. I got started on the Himalayan Wild Ransom and the Senchi River Circulatory restorative. After about 3 weeks my wounds started to change, Antonio asked me to take before and after photos. Within 4 weeks my toe sores were completely healed. Today I have no sores or wounds, and I can go back to work.

    Troy Musgrove, Chicago IL 2019

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