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  1. Christy. Janes

    If it were not for the Eye Fitness plus, I would have lost my eyesight years ago. I buy the Gallon for me, my mum and brother. My mum had cataracts, but was afraid of surgery, she swears she can read better. We decided to buy the Gallon because we get 8, 16oz bottles that last us for 1 year. My sugar level has gone down alot and I feel good.

  2. Chris Doomes

    I bought this for my mom in Atlanta Georgia back in 2015. We love the Gallon because there are times when we wanted to purchased the 16oz bottle, but they were always out of stock. My mom vision is much better, and she didnt want to have eye surgery. Great Product if you can get it.

  3. Anthony. Garcia

    Best Natural Eye Product on the Market. Im a welder, and started to have problems with my vision. My boss gave me a bottle, he had used the Eye fitness plus for many years. I can say, my eye sight is much better, but I also feel better, My digestion, and blood pressure is in check. I buy the Gallon because most times, they are out of stock. Highly recommend it

  4. Maria. Sanchez

    I have been buying the Eye fitness plus since 2003. Because of my family history of high blood pressure and Diabetes. Once a year we buy the Gallon and share it. The Doctor said I would soon be blind, but I still have my Eye sight today, and I know its because the Eye Fitness plus. When I go to Mexico, I take 2 Gallons with me and help the church and people from my town. I wish I had more money to help more, but today I still can see by Gods grace

  5. Earl. Grainger

    Diabetes had destroyed my vision, I was to afraid of surgey on my eyes. My ex girl friend told me about the Eye Fitness plus. First thing i noticed was that my sugar level went down, I didn’t feel weak or tired all the time. My Eye sight improved so much. Every year I buy 2 Gallons, because some times they are out of stock. I keep a gallon and send the other to my family in Arkansas. Nice product

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