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Our Owner’s Story

Healthy Habits Herbs was started by Antonio Harris to provide natural alternatives to treatment of foot ulcer, hard-to-heal wounds, and other diseases that could cause amputations. Learn more about his story below.

“The Biggest Fight of My Life: I Was Determined Not to Lose

“My goal was always to help prevent unnecessary diabetic foot amputation or any kind of foot wounds or sores that hurt people or families. That is how I started out: thinking about people; I never ever thought about how much money I could make. When your mother or uncles are losing a foot, you don't think about money first but how to help them. Over the years, I have become friends with a number of very successful doctors from all over the world. I became friends with a doctor who specializes in diabetic foot care. He had a very prosperous business in many countries; he would always give his customers chemical medication that were at time too toxic for the body. Later, I found out he conducted more foot amputations than any other doctor in his state. At times, we would disagree about the best way to save a person’s foot from amputation; he always talked about foot amputation with how much money he would make and that it was more profitable to amputate a foot than try to save a foot. Most of my customers were hardworking people who really needed the husband or wife to work because they needed money and wanted to avoid a foot amputation because they had to take care of their families. In countries outside the US, when we work, we have to take care of our family and our wife or husband’s family as well, not just one person, so we need our feet to work so we can make money to provide. Lo and behold, one day, my friend, let’s call him Doctor Charles, came into my store. I was so shocked because he could not walk; his feet were completely black; he had visible sores with a terrible smell. I said, ‘Hello, Doc, what can I do for you today?’ He said, ‘I need to buy four bottles of your Himalayan Wild Ransom.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ He said, ‘I have a serious leg ulcer, and the hospital wants to amputate my leg.’ I could not believe what I was hearing; after all these years of taking people's money and giving them drugs that didn't work, all the foot, toe, and leg amputations he has done, he asks me for help! I said, ‘Oh, hell no! I ain't giving you @#$it.’ He said, ‘Don't worry, I can pay you whatever you say.’ I said, ‘I don't want your money, Doc; tell you what, go and take the drugs you prescribed your patients all these years.’ The next day, I got a visit from a close friend, the town mayor, and my uncle; they all asked me why I would not sell to Dr. Charles the Himalayan Wild Ransom; I explained to them why; they begged me to forgive him, and I did. He fully recovered and became one of our best distributors until his death at 81 years old.”

- Antonio Harris

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